Bagno Piero

Welcome to Bagno Piero, continuing the tradition since 1933

Our history

Your Bagno Piero

There are places that manage to keep the promise of returning the same emotions every time, and Bagno Piero, for almost a century, has been the guardian of tradition and elegance. Here we continue to maintain that flavor made up of wooden cabins covered with terracotta tiles, wooden skates, and sailboats.





Bagno Piero's team, among lifeguard, reception and restaurants, consists of more than 60 people who every day, and not only during the season, take care of the beach, the pool and the well-being of our customers.



The awareness of safeguarding a precious asset such as the territory and the marine environment has led over the years to making increasingly sustainable choices such as the use of solar thermal energy to heat the water in the showers, separate waste collection on the beach and the recycling cycle total in the kitchens, the posting of signs for the conscious consumption of resources, the application of water flow reducers in both bathrooms and showers. The energy supply is ensured through Repower Green from the electricity production of a dam.